Our Vision

With the development of China’s integrated circuit and electronics industry, in the fiercely competitive environment, many design companies and electronic equipment manufacturers with independent intellectual property rights have emerged in mainland China. The development of the electronics industry is the nanometer era with the advancement of integrated circuit processing technology and the size of process lines. As the technology becomes more and more sophisticated, electrostatic hazards have gradually become a fatal injury to integrated circuits and electronic products. The advancement of the product sets an important obstacle. With the increasing coverage of smart homes, safe cities, smart homes, and electric vehicles, more and more electronic and electrical equipment need to be exposed to outdoor environments. Overvoltage surge pulses caused by lightning threaten the safety of equipment at any time.
Shanghai WPM Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that provides customers with static electricity and lightning surge protection products and solutions. Offering the following products and services to customers in the integrated circuit and electronics industry:

  • Provide TSPD series of thyristor protection devices for the industry
  • Provide  TVS series transient voltage suppressors for the industry
  • Provide customers with electrostatic and electromagnetic radiation suppressor ESD / EMI series products
  • Provide customers with integrated overcurrent and overvoltage protector products
  • Provide customers with more anti-static and surge IC series products
  • Provide customers with overall solutions for anti-static and anti-surge solutions
  • Provide customers with static and surge laboratory testing services
  • Provide customers with usage environment analysis and solutions
  • Provide customers with ESD and surge failure mode analysis and solutions.

Development Path Of WeiPan

ShangHai WPM Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Taoyuan, Taiwan


Launched DFN1006 / DFN0603 products

Launched Low Clamping Voltage products


Launched ultra-low capacitance SCR, array TVS / ESD products, unidirectional 0603 size

Launched Ultra Low Cap. TSPD product line with 6.8pf 2KV 10 / 700us surge


Developed E-meter’s PLC protection solution, AHD, CVI, TVI Low Cap protection device

Established WeiPan Shenzhen Office, launched CSP bare ESD protector


The first domestic USB3.0 electrostatic protection product

Bring the WeiPan brand to the market and pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification


Establishment of Protection Circuit Marketing Department

Launched Thyristor, Triode, Voltage regulator


Launch of TSPD and Power TVS IC

ShangHai WPM Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded


ShangHai WPM Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded

Our Philosophy

Adhering to the tenet of “creating value for customers with reliable products, leading technology, and excellent service”, WeiPan is guided by market demand and relying on technological innovation. It attaches equal importance to quality and service, and is committed to providing advanced technology, stable performance, Variety of products, while fully satisfying customer needs, provide leading differentiated services, and work with customers and partners to make their own contributions to the sustainable development of China’s integrated circuit business and the development of Chinese integrated circuit companies to the world.
We believe that comprehensive and thoughtful service is an important way to win the trust and support of customers and partners.
We look forward to: WeiPan’s high-quality products and comprehensive services can provide users with excellent solutions and create value for customers. “Growing with the company” and “Aspiring to China’s integrated circuit industry” are our commitment to our employees. Welcome everyone who is interested in the take-off of the integrated circuit industry and personal career development to join us to grow and create ideals together.

Quality & Green Policy

WeiPan is committed to working with our customers to provide products that meet the industry’s environmental material control requirements.
The company always pays attention to the environmental risks that may be brought to the surroundings during the production process, popularizes the concept of environmental protection among employees, and strives to achieve green manufacturing, energy saving and emission reduction. The company conducts regular inspection and verification of the main environmental monitoring items and product compliance every year to achieve the harmlessness of the entire production process. WeiPan believes that the green mountains and rivers, and the scent of birds and flowers are the best property for future generations. This is the responsibility and the action of the company!

Declaration of Conformity for Green Products